The Mission to B GREAT.
Our goal at B GREAT is to provide you with superior quality hemp-based products that you can use with confidence. We are transparent and use only well-tested natural ingredients to enhance body balance from morning to night.

How to B GREAT.
B GREAT products work with your body’s endocannabinoid system safely and naturally to rebalance your health and sense of wellbeing.* Our proprietary formulas were developed by a team of scientists, medical practitioners, and ex-pharmaceutical visionaries. Unlike other CBD products, all of our ingredients are natural, grown in the USA, produced in FDA-registered facilities, and are all third-party lab tested.

I started B GREAT because I had heard that CBD has wonderful therapeutic benefits, but like many people, I didn’t know which products to choose from. I had never heard of most of the products on the market and I didn’t know what standards they held.

I wanted a product that used the highest quality ingredients. I didn’t want to find out that I was taking a synthetic CBD, or that my CBD had been sourced from another country. I learned that many companies use CBD isolate instead of “full-spectrum” hemp and that without full-spectrum hemp, I wouldn’t be getting the benefits of all the nutrients in the plant.

I wanted a full-spectrum hemp product that would help me ease everyday stresses and promote a sense of wellbeing.* I also wanted to confirm that my product had been tested by a third-party lab and that it had been produced in a lab that was GMP compliant.

Around that time I started investigating the industry.

It’s time for more people to B GREAT.
After doing months of research, I wanted to share my discovery with the rest of the world.
I left my large corporate past to start a company that would deliver a safe, predictable, well-tested product line that is transparent and consistent. I added a seal on every product that guarantees trust and transparency. All of my CBD products are tested in certified independent laboratories to assure only the highest quality hemp products. With thorough, transparent records and documentation, you know exactly what you’re getting: only the best.

I wanted to feel safe entering this often-confusing space. Now, I want you to have that same level of confidence.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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