Locked in the House With Your Kids? Tips to Stay Sane

If you’re stressed about having the kids at home during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re definitely not alone. The sudden change in everyone’s routine has most people feeling anxious, stressed, isolated, and frustrated, to say the least. While social distancing and isolation can present a number of challenges to you and your family, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s the most effective way to avoid spreading the virus and to return to life as usual at some point. While ensuring your family stays healthy — washing your hands, sanitizing surfaces, and wearing protective masks included — it’s important to remember life doesn’t have to just be about taking care of everyone else. Losing sight of your own self-care can bring on burnout, exhaustion, and even more stress.  

With that in mind, here are some easy tips to help you carve out some time to take care of yourself amidst the chaos of having everyone home all day, every day and bring you some much-needed relief. 

1. Try CBD for Stress Relief 

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of CBD for stress, sleep, relaxation, and tension relief through friends, social media or the news – and it can be a very useful resource for parents who want a quick and natural way to reduce their own stress. In a recent article, the New York Times reports that more and more stressed out parents are turning to CBD to help them relax; one parent divulged that she turns to CBD instead of a glass of wine, saying, “I’m less likely to scream and freak out that there’s, you know, hot pink Play-Doh smushed into the carpet.” While CBD is not intended as a replacement for medication (you should talk to your doctor about medications that can help), research has shown that CBD can have a calming effect on the central nervous system.

B GREAT’s CBD Stress Bundle is a beneficial, natural way to help alleviate tension and calm stress inside and out, especially when you feel like you just need a break for yourself. The Stress Relief set contains Hemp Oil and a Hemp Balm, both made from full-spectrum whole hemp grown to the highest standards here in the U.S. Hemp Oil can be taken twice a day by dropper to provide relaxation and calm. The Hemp Balm which also contains soothing lavender and eucalyptus oils can be rubbed on to sore, aching muscles to help soothe your skin. 

Bonus tip: If you want to support a tired mom and show her that you appreciate all she does, B GREAT’s CBD Stress Bundle also makes a fantastic gift. Even a massage with B GREAT’s Hemp Balm is a great way to help mom calm down and destress after she’s done taking care of everyone else all day. 

2. Take Information Breaks

It can be tempting to stay glued to your smartphone or TV screen during the coronavirus pandemic. While it’s a good idea to be informed, especially when it comes to what’s happening in your community, avoid information overload. Even the CDC has advised people to take breaks from watching, listening, and reading the news and accessing social media. Remember, there is a lot of sensationalistic reporting going on that can make you feel afraid and even more stressed. 

Also, limit your children’s exposure to upsetting news and social media – they may not understand what’s going on and can easily misinterpret things they read or hear online. Talk to them about the pandemic but reassure them that your family is doing everything it can to be safe. Having open and honest discussions as a family will decrease anxiety levels across the board, helping you feel a little bit saner in the process. 

3. Cultivate a Relaxation Routine

With the kids at home, you might feel like you have even less time for yourself than usual, making it harder to enjoy any “me” time. Try to find small ways to prioritize your mental and physical health throughout the day. Make sure to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, set aside some time to meditate (even five minutes is beneficial), and try some home yoga routines – you can find free sessions on YouTube that are short enough to squeeze in while the kids watch yet another episode of Paw Patrol.

4. Get Enough Sleep

During increased times of stress, it can be hard to unwind and let go after a busy day of taking care of your family. Try to stick to your usual sleep routine even if you’re not working or if you’re working from home. Dedicate some time to wind down each night to prepare your brain and your body for sleep. Take a warm bath, dim the lights at least 30 minutes before bed, and turn off electronic devices. If you have trouble easing into sleep B GREAT’s Relax Shot is can be a helpful way to destress and relieve occasional sleeplessness – it contains a proprietary mix of full-spectrum hemp as well as GABA, Melatonin, Ginkgo biloba, and soothing lavender water to encourage serenity and calm.

5. Connect with Others

Let’s face it – social distancing is not easy, even though it’s the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We are social beings, and we need contact with others or we will start to feel isolated, sad, stressed, and lonely. When your only day-to-day contact is with your immediate family, you can feel like your world has gotten really small. Staying in touch with extended family and friends through online video chat or phone calls on a regular basis is important. While it can be tempting to only talk about the coronavirus, try to make time for other topics as well by sharing funny stories about what your kids are doing or reminiscing about happier times.

And Finally…

Try to keep things in perspective. As difficult as it might be right now, realize that this situation won’t last forever. Although you can’t control external circumstances, you can control your reaction to them and decide how much you want them to affect you. Don’t feel guilty for taking time out for yourself whenever you feel like things are too much to handle – remember that by caring for yourself, you’ll be better able to care for your family. You’ve got this!









Everyone’s Stressed Out Right Now: Here’s How CBD Can Help

As the world is stuck at home and experiencing the fallout of coronavirus, many of us are feeling stressed out and even wondering if stress can make us sick. With an overwhelming amount of information pouring in on how to deal with these negative feelings, it can be hard to wade through what’s actually legitimate.

As a team that’s passionate about creating products with balance in mind, we know a thing or two about how to deal with stress when it rears its ugly head. Read on to find answers to your most pressing questions during this time, as well as a natural solution that we swear by. 

How Stress Affects Your Health

The big question today is: Can stress make me sick? And the short answer is yes.

The American Psychological Association puts it this way, “[human] bodies are well equipped to handle stress in small doses, but when that stress becomes long-term or chronic, it can have serious effects on your body.” So, while stress is often not the direct reason for illness, an overload of it can suppress the immune system and cause you to get sick more easily as well as slow down recovery time.  This means that it is incredibly important that you don’t let stress take over, especially when faced with an extended period of time when your stress levels may be higher than usual — the sweeping changes brought about by current stay-at-home orders being a prime example of this.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, getting sick can become a concern once you begin to show signs of stress. Think about it. When you’re feeling particularly wound-up you often don’t sleep well, don’t eat healthfully, and don’t exercise. This can lead to a multitude of side effects, including headaches, fatigue, digestive problems, and more. Each of these, in turn, can make it harder for your body to fight off infection, putting you at a greater risk of getting sick. 

Tips on How to Destress Effectively During a Pandemic 

So how can you destress? It’s hard enough to unwind when you’re just trying to deal with everyday stress — let alone the deep financial, emotional, and physical strain that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to so many of us. The key here is finding ways to offset your body’s natural fight or flight response in order to shift yourself into a slower gear. 

Stress-busting activities like carving out some time for a morning meditation practice or pausing to take a few deep breaths when you’re beginning to notice yourself becoming overwhelmed are self-help cliches for a reason — they work. If you can’t seem to make either of those practices stick, keep trying self-soothing techniques until you find what feels good to you. This could be as simple as doing a few stretches before bed to slow down your mind and body or calling a friend who always makes you laugh. Or, it could be as elaborate as putting together an at-home spa night or meal plan for the week full of foods you know help you feel naturally focused and energized. 

Natural Remedies for Stress

In addition to making lifestyle changes and implementing routines designed to help you unwind, natural remedies can also help your body fight stress in a way that provides more holistic, long-term results. According to the INM Center, “… alternative treatments such as herbal medicine focus on prevention and treating underlying problems, not just symptoms.” What this means is that plant-based products, such as CBD, work with the body’s self-healing capabilities to actually enhance the recovery process. 

The power of CBD, in particular, comes from its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to regulate baseline levels of inflammation, freeing up the immune system to fight off sickness and infection. When your body is in stress mode, it produces fewer endocannabinoids — which are molecules thought to help support the nervous system. CBD can help fill in those gaps by mimicking the endocannabinoids produced by the body, and binding to cannabinoid receptor sites. This allows your body to shift back into balance, allowing you to better deal with stress of all kinds. 

How to Incorporate CBD into Your De-Stress Routine

At B GREAT, we offer a diverse selection of CBD products to fit your lifestyle. Our Stress Relief Bundle helps relieve stress inside and out with B GREAT Hemp Oil and B GREAT Hemp Balm. A dropper or two of our hemp oil tincture in the morning is the fastest way to give your body the cannabinoids it needs to stay balanced, which can help you feel more cool, calm, and collected. The Balm can be rubbed onto your skin to spot-treat physical stress, as CBD can help relieve muscle aches and pains when applied topically., Together, this powerful duo can give you a full-spectrum hemp experience that helps alleviate tension caused by everyday stressors

When you begin to regularly incorporate products such as Hemp Oil, Hemp Balm, and even the B GREAT Relax Shot (which combines CBD and melatonin to help you sleep) into your routine, you may notice a greater overall resilience to stress. It’s the perfect way to give yourself a bit of extra self-care when you’re feeling particularly frazzled. This will allow you, now and in the future, to adapt to the situation at hand and focus more on the positive rather than the negative. And remember, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns, and thoughts during this anxious time. We’re all in this together.

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